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Ep 53 Image

Would you like to learn how to partner with your clients in a way that will really help them to transform themselves? Did you know that this transformation actually begins with you and your development as a coach? If so, you will really enjoy this show, Vicki Escude joins us and she talks to us about Transformational…

Listen to the episode here

52: OWL MO Solutions with Tom Bessis and Charles Fournier

Ep 52 Image

Would you love to have an online system that could really help you to streamline all the necessary processes for running an efficient Coaching practice? If so, you will really gain a lot from today’s show, because at the ICF Converge Conference in Washington DC in August, Meg met the creators of a software program,…

Listen to the episode here

51: Build Your Business and Credibility with Patricia Fripp

Ep 51 Image

Are you ready to build up your client base and your credibility without spending a dollar? Do you wish you had the confidence you needed to win people over in an instant? Then we have a fabulous show for you today! Our guest is Patricia Fripp, a legend in the speaking industry who is here…

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