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58: Personal & Professional Sovereignty with Janet Harvey, MCC

Ep 58 Image

What do you believe about your clients capabilities? How do we help our clients enjoy sustainable excellence?  What does it mean to have personal and professional sovereignty?  This week’s guest, Janet Harvey, MCC answers these questions and more as we explore the transformational power of coaching. Janet is a former president of ICF Global and an…

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57: Creating a Profitable Business with Jayne Warrilow

Ep 57 Image

You’re a coach who is confident and well-trained in the skills of your coaching practice, but do you feel just as skilled in building your business? For many coaches, the skill set required to transform lives does not overlap with business savvy. Lucky for us, we have people like Jayne Warrilow in the world. Jayne…

Listen to the episode here

56: How to Work a Room* with Susan RoAne

Ep 56 Image

Have you ever been in that place of networking where you feel uncomfortable, unsure, or even out of sorts, when walking into a room of strangers? If so, you will really enjoy listening to today’s interview with Susan RoAne, where she will share some specific strategies, that you can use for working any room and…

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