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Join us weekly for a new STaR Coach episode, 2017 will offer many new shows and opportunities to explore the world of coaching.

Upcoming shows will offer a variety of topics and focus from specific niches and target populations, to building your coaching business-creating a coaching foundation, tools to build and grow a business, how to build and fill your pipeline, creating a professional presence and reputation, the benefits of creating profitable alliances as well as resources on strengthening skills, tools and confidence in the mastery of coaching.

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45: Grow Beyond Your Mind with Dr. Lisa Lentino

Ep 45 Image

Welcome to this week’s show! Today, we are excited to bring to the show Dr. Lisa Lentino, a passionate therapist and coach  who is dedicated to help the world realize self-actualization. As coaches, we know the life-changing power of finding your purpose. So how can we help our clients better become aware of their own talents? What…

Listen to the episode here

44: The Power of TED* with Donna Zajonc, MCC


Donna Jajonc, MCC returns to today’s episode to discuss applying the concepts around The Power of TED * (*The Empowerment Dynamic), which is a book written by her husband, David Emerald. Donna has spent 15+ years as a professional coach, in addition to her work as a politician, speaker, and author. Donna teaches coaches how…

Listen to the episode here

43: The Gremlin Taming Method with Special Guest Rick Carson

Ep 43 Image

Today, we’re talking to Rick Carson, the author of the book Taming Your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method of Getting Out of Your Own Way. Rick’s work is legendary, his concept of helping people to gain freedom from their self-defeating behaviors and beliefs has evolved for him over the last almost 4 decades when his popular book was first published.…

Listen to the episode here

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