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37: Shift Positive 360 with Jen Ostrich and Pete Berridge

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Have you ever noticed any “holes” or problems in something you use regularly? Did you try to fix those problems? Jen Ostrich and Pete Berridge noticed some issues that most 360’s have, so they created their own. Listen to this episode to hear the story of how the Shift Positive 360 came into existence and…

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36: Caroline Miller, MAPP: Getting Grit

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What lies just outside your client’s Comfort Zone? Is it a dream that feels just out of reach? Do you have a vision for your life and your coaching practice, but seem to be unable to stick with the hard work of getting it all done? Then this week’s guest on the “Star Coach” podcast…

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35: Re-wire to Meet Extraordinary Goals with Dr. Jayne Gardner

Dr. Jayne Gardner

How would you like to be personally coached to dispel your limiting beliefs and achieve the unachievable? Listen in today and find out how you can make it happen! This week, Meg is delighted to have Dr. Jayne Gardner back on the show to share her incredible coaching success story that you’ll have to hear…

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34: Creating Your Signature Voice with Ron West

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My guest today is Ron West, a former student of mine in the University of Texas at Dallas’ coaching program. Ron is a successful businessman who made major changes as he trained in executive coaching. He created the kind of business that he wanted, found clarity around his ideal client, and created his “2020 Plan”…

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33: Coaching with NLP with Peggy Dean

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My guest today is Peggy Dean, who has built her 35-year career around coaching with NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. She first learned about the technique in the 70’s, and was immediately drawn to the power and effectiveness of this tool. She began training with the NLP founder, Richard Bandler, and soon became a certified…

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