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32: Business Coaching: My 3rd Life with Ed Allen

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The guest on today’s show is Meg’s friend and mentor, Ed Allen. Ed has done many things in his life and Meg has learned so much from him over the years, that she really wanted to have him on the show, to share his experiences with you.  Listen in today to find out more. Although…

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31: Character Strength Coaching with Ryan M. Niemiec

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Have you ever felt like you needed a new paradigm for coaching clients? Shifting from coaching from a place of “what’s wrong” to focusing on “what’s strong” can dramatically change the results for you and your clients. Coaching a client from a place of strengths allows them to flourish in a way that is not…

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30: Coaching Physicians with Dr. Bill Behrendt

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In this episode, Dr. Bill Behrendt talks about coaching elite professionals who are very strong technically yet may benefit from partnering with a coach to strengthen their leadership skills.  One such group of elite professionals is physician leaders. Bill shares his perspective on physicians who are accustomed to excelling professionally yet may struggle with leadership…

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29: Discovering Divine Intelligence with Dr. Jayne Gardner

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Is Divine Intelligence playing a role in your life? Do you know how to tap into Divine Intelligence? Many people find themselves spiritually seeking something, but may be unsure where to find what they are looking for or how to manifest it. Today we are talking about how you can live an authentic life by…

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28: Guideposts to Wholeheartedness

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This week’s episode continues our series on Wholeheartedness. This is the concept taught by Dr. Brené Brown, that focuses on owning our stories and choosing to love ourselves through the good and bad. It also focuses on embracing our vulnerability and imperfection. So as a follow-up to last week’s episode, today we are discussing the…

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