45: Grow Beyond Your Mind with Dr. Lisa Lentino

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Welcome to this week’s show! Today, we are excited to bring to the show Dr. Lisa Lentino, a passionate therapist and coach  who is dedicated to help the world realize self-actualization. As coaches, we know the life-changing power of finding your purpose. So how can we help our clients better become aware of their own talents? What…

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44: The Power of TED* with Donna Zajonc, MCC


Donna Jajonc, MCC returns to today’s episode to discuss applying the concepts around The Power of TED * (*The Empowerment Dynamic), which is a book written by her husband, David Emerald. Donna has spent 15+ years as a professional coach, in addition to her work as a politician, speaker, and author. Donna teaches coaches how…

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43: The Gremlin Taming Method with Special Guest Rick Carson

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Today, we’re talking to Rick Carson, the author of the book Taming Your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method of Getting Out of Your Own Way. Rick’s work is legendary, his concept of helping people to gain freedom from their self-defeating behaviors and beliefs has evolved for him over the last almost 4 decades when his popular book was first published.…

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42: Stop Rescuing, Start Coaching with Donna Zajonc

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Today’s guest is Donna Zajonc, MCC, she joins us to explore the concepts and roles within  drama triangle and the importance of empowering rather than rescuing our coaching clients.  Donna starts out by explaining her journey from the drama of rescuing towards healthy dynamics in her own relationships. Listen in as she explains how to stop rescuing…

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41: Becoming a Master Certified Coach with Teresa Pool, MCC

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The guest for today’s show is Teresa Pool and we’re going to be picking her brain today to find out all about what it takes to become an MCC (Master Certified Coach), which is really a pinnacle that many people reach for.  There are a lot of different parts that go along with that, some…

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