66: Top Business Tips for Coaches from our First 65 Episodes

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The Star Coach Show has been gifted with so much incredible wisdom and practical applications for running a coaching business, that I decided now would be the perfect time to revisit some of those key messages. There is so much inherent value in reviewing these episodes for coaches in every phase of their business. I’ve…

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65: Wire Your Brain for Confidence with Louisa Jewell, MAPP

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It’s a new year, and I know that many of us are working on some brand new goals. The new year sets the stage for our personal growth, but self-doubt often gets in the way of real growth. How can we battle our own self-doubt and the doubts that our clients share with us? What…

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64: Strategies for Successful Marketing with Donnie Boivin

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Donnie Boivin is a first-generation entrepreneur, success coach, and keynote speaker with over 18 years’ experience in motivating and inspiring thousands of people to get out of their own way and succeed in life and business. He’s known as the go-to coach for helping people achieve higher levels of success by discovering their passions and…

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63: EI Assessments with Ed Hennessy

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As coaches, we have the ability to help bring our clients to an awareness of emotional intelligence. It is not enough to just make a grade or exhibit a skill. Now more than ever, employers and organizations are looking for someone with a high Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence Assessments are an excellent way to begin…

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62: The Company Culture Ecosystem with Kristin Robertson, PCC

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As a coach, we have the capacity and the skillset to effect change at any level. When we coach leaders in any capacity, those positive changes trickle down to their organization or company, and revolutionize their success. Executive coaching programs utilize company infrastructure to create a company culture that emphasizes company values and personal fulfillment.…

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