122: Diana Ideus, PCC: Last Chance Coaching

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In coaching, we often focus on coaching those that opt into coaching for themselves: leaders who want to achieve more, high potentials to get to the next level, teams who want to fulfill their objectives.  What about those people who are struggling and perhaps are on their way out the door?  What can coaching possibly…

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121: Jacqueline Peters, Ph.D.: High Performance Relationships

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What are the keys to success in relationships? More specifically, think about the high-performance relationships in your life. How can we be successful in life at work and at home in these relationships? My guest today draws on her experience and personal research into this topic to share practical advice that works from the bedroom…

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120: Julie Davis-Colan: The Power of Positive Coaching

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As coaches, we know the importance of mindset, but do we know the nuts and bolts of achieving the mindset we desire in ourselves and our clients? Today’s show is about the impact of positive psychology on coaching and mindset. We’re diving deep into positivity and sharing some practical tips that you can implement today.…

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119: Mike Bundrant: Overcoming Self-Sabotage

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In each show, we explore different tools, resources, and strategies to help strengthen your skills and create a stronger business. Today’s show is extremely useful, not just for coaches, but for everyone. We’re looking at how we overcome self-sabotage, so we can all learn new skills to help us in everyday life! Mike Bundrant is…

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118: Andrew Bennett: Magical Transformation

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Do you believe in magic? More specifically, do you believe in the POWER of magic? You might be surprised at how the principles of magic play into the world of coaching, inspiration, and unlimited possibility—and that’s where today’s show takes us. Join us for the ride. Andrew Bennett is an expert at building inspiring organizations.…

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