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83: Lisa Sansom, MAPP: Creating Organizational Alignment

Ep 83 Image

Today, we are bringing our focus back to executive coaching! I am excited to take a deep dive into some of the biggest issues an executive coach might face around how an organization views the coach. How can we align needs of the sponsor organization with the needs of our client? My guest today is…

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82: Jim Cathcart: Tapping Into Talent, Motivation and Selling

Ep 82 Image

We have so much to learn from the successes and failures of others. As we gather new strategies and resources that you can use to be the best professional coach you can be, we are also collecting stories. Today on the Star Coach show, we have a dynamic guest who is here to share his…

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81: Coaching Through Overwhelm with Cynthia Henson

Ep 81 Image

Sometimes, life can feel absolutely overwhelming. Our clients often experience it and so do we as coaches.   What can a savvy coach do to continue to do their best coaching work even when feeling overwhelmed? How do we best coach a client who is overwhelmed? This is exactly the mission my guest is going to tackle on…

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