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Welcome to the STaR Coach Show,  every week a new episode focuses on different Strategies, Tools and Resources for Professional Coaches.  

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152: Providing Fearless Feedback: Kelly Ross, PCC


As coaches, we know that providing feedback to our clients is essential in helping them reach both personal and professional goals. There are many tools that can be used in gathering that feedback, and we’re focusing on one of those terrific tools in today’s show. Kelly Ross is a coach, learning and talent strategist, and…

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151: The Value of Professional Credentialing: Sara Smith, MCC


What is the value of professional credentialing? This is a question I’m asked often by other coaches. Today’s show focuses on why it’s good to have a set of standards to meet, the changes that are happening within the ICF, and the value of ICF membership. Sara Smith is a Master Certified Coach and Vice-Chair…

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150: 5 Lessons Learned Building my Business: Meg Rentschler


Today’s show is a solo episode in which I share five lessons I learned in building my business. I’m sharing an honest look at my journey as I transitioned from therapy to coaching, even the mistakes I made and the things I would do differently. I hope it helps you with the choices you make…

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