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101: Ann Betz, PCC: The Neuroscience of Coaching

Ep 101 Image

Have you witnessed the miraculous changes that can occur through coaching? If we take an honest look at true transformation, then we see that the most effective changes that take place are not the outward moves our clients make, but the inward ones. True transformation takes place first in the brain via the new pathways…

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100: Coaching Wisdom from the First 100 Shows

Ep 100 Image

Welcome to our 100th episode of the show! I created this platform in order to connect coaches with resources, and that continues to be my driving force behind doing the podcast. I want coaches to know the importance of new learning, of having conversations between and among coaches, to provide avenues to strengthen coaching skills…

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99: Will Sharon: The Power of Dreams

Ep 99 Image

What do your dreams mean? Does dream work intersect with the world of coaching? Today’s guest shows you exactly how dream work and coaching can combine to bring meaningful value to clients. Will Sharon spent the first 13 years of his career working in psychiatric facilities, experiencing the clinical side. He was a teacher in…

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