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Strategies, Tools and Resources
for Professional Coaches

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Welcome to the STaR Coach Show,  every week a new episode focuses on different Strategies, Tools and Resources for Professional Coaches.

Whether you are looking for ways to attract clients and create a business, build your confidence and competence in the delivery of coaching or learn more about how coaching is used in organizations, you have found the podcast that you need.

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195: Our Money Mindset: Barry Magliarditi

By Meg Rentschler | July 29, 2020

The STaR Coach Show is always about strengthening your skills, competencies, and confidence in your coaching career. As you look to minimize the barriers and maximize your success, your mindset and your “inner game” are far more critical than any system or process. Join us to find out more in today’s show!Barry Magliarditi is an…

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194: Your Authentic Personal Brand: Mary Henderson

By Meg Rentschler | July 22, 2020

Today’s show has top-notch information about maximizing your coaching skills. My energizing and enlightening guest explores authenticity, the strength of your personal brand, and tapping into your purpose. Join us to learn more! Mary Henderson is an internationally-recognized personal branding and social selling specialist. She brings 20 years of experience in building seven- and eight-figure…

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193: Connect with your Prospects Online: Debbie Peck

By Meg Rentschler | July 15, 2020

Last week’s show was about growing your online presence with a website, and today’s show builds on that momentum. The truth is that you have to be visible online for your potential clients to find you, and that has never been more relevant than it is in today’s coronavirus pandemic. Having an online presence does…

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