37: Shift Positive 360 with Jen Ostrich and Pete Berridge

Have you ever noticed any “holes” or problems in something you use regularly? Did you try to fix those problems? Jen Ostrich and Pete Berridge noticed some issues that most 360’s have, so they created their own. Listen to this episode to hear the story of how the Shift Positive 360 came into existence and how it works.

“The key competency of the coach is to be able to sit in the discomfort and get to a solution.”

Show Highlights:

  • A little bit about Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich
  • What got Jen and Pete into coaching
  • How Pete and Jen met
  • How the Shift Positive 360 is different from other 360’s
  • Positive Psychology is a mind set – it’s important that it starts with the coach
  • What the Shift Positive 360 is like to use with a client
  • What is the “people system”?
  • Why the Shift Positive 360 isn’t confidential
  • The process to become certified in the Shift Positive 360 instrument
  • How client have received this approach


Shift Positive 360