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105: Jane Adshead-Grant, MCC: Journey to MCC

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Think about your coaching journey. Is it a journey that others can learn from? No matter what the field, all journeys are different and they all have their unique stumbling blocks and barriers. The fun part is how we learn from others’ journeys, understanding what has worked well, what hasn’t, and the questions they bring…

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104: Kasia Wezowski: 3 Business Mistakes To Avoid As You Take The Leap Into Coaching

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What do most people know and understand about the coaching profession? You may be surprised at how much people DON’T know and DON’T understand. My guest today has taken an “outside the box” approach to using creativity and opportunities to showcase the coaching profession and its potential. She used a medium that we all know…

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103: Cynthia Loy Darst, MFA, CPCC, ORSCC, MCC: Meet Your Inside Team

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How do you manage internal conflict, facing the challenge of frustration, confusion and overwhelm?  Inside all of us is a collection of internal voices, beliefs that sometimes are in harmony and sometimes are in conflict.   They influence our decisions and help us walk the path toward solution.  When we become uncertain, stuck, confused and maybe…

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102: Renee Moorefield, PhD: Thriving Leadership

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What are the key elements of thriving leadership? That’s the focus of today’s show and the life work of my guest. We learn how leadership has changed over the last 20 years and has become holistic and all-encompassing, not just to survive, but to thrive. Dr. Renee Moorefield is CEO of Wisdom Works, a firm…

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101: Ann Betz, PCC: The Neuroscience of Coaching

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Have you witnessed the miraculous changes that can occur through coaching? If we take an honest look at true transformation, then we see that the most effective changes that take place are not the outward moves our clients make, but the inward ones. True transformation takes place first in the brain via the new pathways…

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