96: Karen Finn, Ph.D.: Increase Your Website Traffic

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As a coach or small business owner, how much thought do you give to your online presence? Can people find you on Google? In today’s world of technology, your website and your SEO should be at the top of your list of priorities, because your clients have to find you! Join me today for practical…

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95: Jason Amon, PC: Protecting Your Assets

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Have you taken the proper legal steps to protect your assets? If you’re a business owner, then today’s show is for you, as we discuss the need to protect your assets, the options available to you, and the dangers of being a sole proprietor. Jason Amon is an attorney who has been practicing law since…

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94: Alison Hendren, MCC: Creating Organizational Impact through Coaching Conversations

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Are you considering hiring a coach for your organization?  Do you need clarification on what coaching could do for you and your business? Helping others achieve their maximum potential is one of the many areas in which today’s guest excels and she will discuss the transformational impact coaching can have on a business or organization…

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93: Kathi Burns, CPO: Organized and Energized

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Could you use more flow and organization in your life? How about in your office space? Whether you work at home or not, you probably need help with your paper piles, systems, and structures of organization. This is the show that WILL help! Kathi Burns is a board certified Professional Organizer, Image Consultant, and the…

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92: Kelley Russell-DuVarney: Coaching To Bring About Social Change

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How can you use your coaching to bring about social change? Maybe you’ve never thought about coaching in that role before, but it certainly can bring awareness to issues that need attention. Today’s show is a powerful interview with lots of practical information and advice on the specific role that coaching can play in addressing…

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