130: Patricia Porter: Conflict Management and Resolution

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Most people don’t enjoy conflict, but as coaches, we deal with multiple issues around this issue. In today’s show, we’re exploring how our coaching skills can help with conflict management and resolution with a coach who knows how it’s done! Patricia Porter, LCSW, is 25-year conflict management and resolution expert who is known as “The…

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129: Candice Bakx-Friesen: Tips from a Financial Coach

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How can you be a more successful coach, financially speaking? It’s valuable information, and it’s here for you today! We’re talking about tips and strategies for success whether you’re a small business owner or simply handling your household finances. Candice Bakx Friesen is a real estate agent in Manitoba, Canada. She’s a busy mom of…

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128: Signy Wilson: Gender Equity: From Taboo to Together

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This week we are sharing a perspective that may be new to you, may be controversial and definitely needs to be heard.  Join us as we dive into a discussion of toxic masculine and feminine energy.  We look at how it is impacting our world, our relationships and what we can do to recognize it…

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127: Meg Rentschler: 5 Key Lessons Coach-Leaders Learn

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It’s a solo episode today with yours truly. With every teaching opportunity I have, I’m reminded how much benefit coach training can bring to organizations. Join me to explore the value in key coaching principles. Show Highlights: How we can increase awareness of the effectiveness of coaching The most common reactions from leaders when they…

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126: Molly Gordon, MCC: The Coaching Partnership

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What would YOU want to know from an experienced coach? What questions would you ask? What practical insights would you hope to gain? No matter what might have crossed your mind, you will find answers and fulfillment in today’s conversation with a “coach’s coach.” Molly Gordon is a Master Certified Coach and Certified Mentor Coach…

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