117: Christie Mann: The Movement to Bring Emotions Back

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If we’re honest, we can probably all think of a time when we were encouraged not to express a certain emotion we were feeling. Unfortunately, many children have grown up to be adults who aren’t very skilled in showing emotions responsibly. My guest today is on a mission to bring emotions back—in the best way.…

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116: Revisiting Coaching in Organizations: Finding the ROI with Dr. Lisa Reynolds

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Coaching for Executives in a healthcare environment – that’s something that Lisa Reynolds is passionate about at CHRISTUS Healthcare. The organization, whose vision is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, has a roster of board-certified primary care doctors who create innovative health and wellness solutions. Lisa has been with CHRISTUS for almost 18…

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115: Solopreneur Barriers to Creating a Technological Interface

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Happy 2019! On this first show of the new year, we’re looking at the things that hold you back from having a great website. What are your barriers as a solopreneur? Let’s take a look at how to face these challenges and overcome them! Lucy Horton is full of energy and creativity as a designer…

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114: A Treasure Trove of Wisdom with featured Guests: Ann Betz, Kathleen Stinnett, Megan McDonough, Jayne Gardner, Louisa Jewell, and Cindy Henson

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Today’s show is guaranteed to light up your day, give you new information, and create a new perspective. I have a treasure trove of wisdom from some special guests to share with you, so I hope it impacts you in a positive way. I have decided to provide this special show today and then take…

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113: Signý Wilson: Choosing Significance

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Here we are, approaching the end of the year and a new beginning. It’s a great time to look at the way we make choices and the perspective with which we see ourselves and the world. In today’s show, we are looking at the concept of living significantly, and within that, the radical gift of…

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