125: Jacque Fletcher: The Gift of Self Compassion

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I’m challenging you to turn the lens inward today as we talk about self-compassion. How kind are you to yourself? Life has a way of demanding our attention, how can we be intentional about self -compassion?  The information we explore today is great for our own focus and will help our clients as well. We are…

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124: Kathy Harman, MCC: The Art of Active Listening

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According to our guest, as coaches we have the capability to catalyze the world to greater well being.  What an extraordinarily wonderful and powerful belief.  To build that capability, we growth and strengthen the way that we show up to partner with our clients.  In today’s show, we are talking about the nitty-gritty of active listening and…

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123: Georgina Woudstra, MCC: The Emerging Field of Team Coaching: Understanding the Differentiators

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What is the difference between team coaching and group coaching? There might be coaches who don’t truly understand the distinction because these are often muddled together under the coaching umbrella. Let’s discuss these concepts and gain some clarity from an expert! Georgina Woudstra is a Master Certified Coach who first trained as a coach back…

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122: Diana Ideus, PCC: Last Chance Coaching

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In coaching, we often focus on coaching those that opt into coaching for themselves: leaders who want to achieve more, high potentials to get to the next level, teams who want to fulfill their objectives.  What about those people who are struggling and perhaps are on their way out the door?  What can coaching possibly…

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121: Jacqueline Peters, Ph.D.: High Performance Relationships

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What are the keys to success in relationships? More specifically, think about the high-performance relationships in your life. How can we be successful in life at work and at home in these relationships? My guest today draws on her experience and personal research into this topic to share practical advice that works from the bedroom…

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