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147: Look, Listen and Speak from your Heart on Social Media: Donna Cravotta

Social media can be a noisy, frustrating, and confusing place for any business owner. Do you view it as a waste of time and something you just wish you could hire someone to take off your hands? If that describes your attitude toward social media, then you’re missing out! Let’s take a look at social…

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108: Alexandria Hilton, MCC: Achieve Cultural Awareness in Global Coaching

What does it take to be successful in multicultural business? How do you learn to be thoughtful and sensitive about traditions and customs held by other cultures? Maybe you’ve never thought about the coaching opportunities that exist in other countries, or what that might look like. Today’s show gives you a glimpse into the world…

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81: Coaching Through Overwhelm with Cynthia Henson

Sometimes, life can feel absolutely overwhelming. Our clients often experience it and so do we as coaches.   What can a savvy coach do to continue to do their best coaching work even when feeling overwhelmed? How do we best coach a client who is overwhelmed? This is exactly the mission my guest is going to tackle on…

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