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143: Meaningful Alignment: The Inside Game: Robert Schaefer, Ph.D.

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I’m always looking to share tools that have been created by experienced coaches to help other coaches in their work. I recently met two knowledgeable coaches at an ICF luncheon and am thrilled to share their latest work and the new book they have written. Dr. Robert Schaefer is Vice President of Client Services at…

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142: Revitalizing The Human Spirit at Work: Andrew Bennett

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Would you say that the human spirit could use some revitalization? It’s an interesting concept to bring to the workplace from the coaching perspective. In today’s show, we’re talking about courage, compassion, inspiration, and aligning with your truth. Andrew Bennett joined us back in Episode 118 to talk about how he uses his skills as…

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134: Steve Coxsey, LPC, PCC: Debunking 5 Myths about Therapy vs. Coaching

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The border between coaching and therapy is often not clear. In today’s show, we try to eliminate those blurred lines and make distinctions between coaching and therapy. We’re diving in, clearing up misconceptions, and debunking five common myths. Steve Coxsey is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Professional Certified Coach. He’s the Founder and President of…

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121: Jacqueline Peters, Ph.D.: High Performance Relationships

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What are the keys to success in relationships? More specifically, think about the high-performance relationships in your life. How can we be successful in life at work and at home in these relationships? My guest today draws on her experience and personal research into this topic to share practical advice that works from the bedroom…

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62: The Company Culture Ecosystem with Kristin Robertson, PCC

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As a coach, we have the capacity and the skillset to effect change at any level. When we coach leaders in any capacity, those positive changes trickle down to their organization or company, and revolutionize their success. Executive coaching programs utilize company infrastructure to create a company culture that emphasizes company values and personal fulfillment.…

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