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143: Meaningful Alignment: The Inside Game: Robert Schaefer, Ph.D.

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I’m always looking to share tools that have been created by experienced coaches to help other coaches in their work. I recently met two knowledgeable coaches at an ICF luncheon and am thrilled to share their latest work and the new book they have written. Dr. Robert Schaefer is Vice President of Client Services at…

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141: Be Well, Lead Well®️: Renee Moorefield, Ph.D.

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Happy Birthday to our country! I know you join me in wishing everyone increased understanding, empathy, grace, and prosperity. Increased wellness is just one aspect of thriving leadership, which is the focus of today’s show. Dr. Renee Moorefield is a return guest to the show. She visited us in Episode 102 to give us an…

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121: Jacqueline Peters, Ph.D.: High Performance Relationships

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What are the keys to success in relationships? More specifically, think about the high-performance relationships in your life. How can we be successful in life at work and at home in these relationships? My guest today draws on her experience and personal research into this topic to share practical advice that works from the bedroom…

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112: Suzette Plaisance Bryan, Ph.D.: How to Be an Effective Public Speaker

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Public speaking–do you love it? If you don’t LOVE it, then you are probably part of the 75% of the population who have anxiety around this topic. In coaching, public speaking is a big part of what we do; it can be a part of marketing your business and building your credibility. Today’s guest has…

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96: Karen Finn, Ph.D.: Increase Your Website Traffic

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As a coach or small business owner, how much thought do you give to your online presence? Can people find you on Google? In today’s world of technology, your website and your SEO should be at the top of your list of priorities, because your clients have to find you! Join me today for practical…

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