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114: A Treasure Trove of Wisdom with featured Guests: Ann Betz, Kathleen Stinnett, Megan McDonough, Jayne Gardner, Louisa Jewell, and Cindy Henson

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Today’s show is guaranteed to light up your day, give you new information, and create a new perspective. I have a treasure trove of wisdom from some special guests to share with you, so I hope it impacts you in a positive way. I have decided to provide this special show today and then take…

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109: Ilene Schaffer: Step Up Your Coaching

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Are you in transition? We all know that transitions are part of life, and they sometimes happen when we aren’t quite prepared. As certain as those transitions are, they usually bring unique obstacles that can make us feel resistant to the change. My guest has made this interesting part of life her work and passion,…

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86: Strength Strategies For Coaching

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As human beings we are wired to focus on the negative more than the positive, we look for the deficit, the problem, and the “thing” that needs to improve.  Perhaps it comes from our inherent need to survive and to tune into those things that may threaten our ability to thrive.  Today’s show is guaranteed to…

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19: Coaching and Positive Psychology with Megan McDonough

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If you would love to focus on the positive, rather than on the problem when coaching, listen in to today’s show, with Megan McDonough of the Whole Being Institute and find out about how you can implement Positive Psychology in coaching and how this can help you to partner with your clients as a coach…

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