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134: Steve Coxsey, LPC, PCC: Debunking 5 Myths about Therapy vs. Coaching

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The border between coaching and therapy is often not clear. In today’s show, we try to eliminate those blurred lines and make distinctions between coaching and therapy. We’re diving in, clearing up misconceptions, and debunking five common myths. Steve Coxsey is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Professional Certified Coach. He’s the Founder and President of…

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122: Diana Ideus, PCC: Last Chance Coaching

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In coaching, we often focus on coaching those that opt into coaching for themselves: leaders who want to achieve more, high potentials to get to the next level, teams who want to fulfill their objectives.  What about those people who are struggling and perhaps are on their way out the door?  What can coaching possibly…

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85: Coaching in a VUCA World: Ann Deaton, PhD

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There is a new acronym floating around the coaching world, and that is VUCA. This phrase describes situations that are Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. Today, my guest and I are going to talk all about this perspective and how we as coaches can engage with a world that feels more VUCA than ever before.…

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